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Cellulite Reduction & Removal: Arms

Dr. Peter Klainer offers permanent cellulite reduction with the new Cellulaze Laser.
(a permanent cellulite removal treatment)

Most people do not realize that in certain cases cellulite does occur in the arms. The most common area in the arms is along the upper inner aspect going towards the underarms. There are numerous cause of cellulite including a poor diet, a slower metabolism, decreased physical activity, hormone changes, and total body fat. It is important to realize that cellulite is not related to being overweight and even people at their ideal body weight can develop cellulite. Until recently all treatment for cellulite, including topical creams and hand-held external devices, have been either temporary or minimally successful. Cellulaze now offers a permanent reduction of cellulite in only a single treatment.

Cellulaze works to improve the appearance of cellulite in 3 ways. First, using a revolutionary new laser fiber it divides and shrinks the vertical, fibrous bands that cause the skin to be tethered and appear dimpled. Second, the laser melts the fat that has pushed its way into the deeper skin layer causing the bulges associated with cellulite. Finally, the laser tightens the skin and stimulates collagen giving a thicker, healthier collagen layer to the skin giving it a smoother look.

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